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Our Service Division has an ongoing programme to update equipment as and when required to meet the servicing demands of the latest generation vehicles, and wherever possible work is completed in-house to ensure the highest possible standards of quality control.  


These are completed on-site in an all-in-one convenient location. To avoid disappointment remember to book in online, or by phoning us to schedule an appointment time.

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Most vehicles have an on board computer system that send messages to your vehicles components so vehicle performance is at its best. We are a well-equipped Auto Super Shoppe with our Technicians working with the latest diagnostic scanning tools to diagnose and repair faults.


We offer full comprehensive service for all makes and models of vehicles (including European), irrespective of age, both petrol and diesel.

It is a known fact that regular servicing of your vehicle reduces the chance of major car part failures hopefully avoiding costly repairs. 

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A critical component for vehicle safety we offer brake repairs and brake pads – including replacement and general brake service.

We recommend a brake fluid change every 2 years and will advise you on the condition of your brakes. It’s all part of the service we provide for your benefit.


Want reliable power and optimum performance? We have an extensive range of Varta and Endurant Battery Town Batteries to suit all vehicles for the client seeking quality and reliability. We also have on site a Qualified Auto Electrician.

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We are able to supply, fit and balance tyres for your vehicle, keeping focused on delivering quality service and customer satisfaction. When you visit our Shoppe, tread depths are checked to ensure they meet the legal safety requirements and recommendations are made for best wear.

We have in-house a Hunter Hawk Eye Wheel Aligner. Wheel balancing minimises vibrations and maximises handling, together with tyre wear.

We can inspect your tyre wheels and a wheel alignment may be required if:-

  • New tyres are fitted

  • Tyre camber is not consistent

  • Steering pulling to either left or right side

  • Any suspension vehicle parts are removed and/or replaced requires re-alignment.

We're NZ's trusted mechanics -
locally owned and nationally known.

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